Here’s why agent Jeanne Brooksbank left but came back to Exit First Realty.

Today I’m here with one of our great real estate agents, Jeanne Brooksbank, to chat about her journey, why she initially chose Exit First Realty, why she eventually came back to Exit First Realty, and where she sees our company heading. Before working in real estate, Jeanne graduated from college and immediately went into the aviation marketing field. Then she had kids and took a 10-year hiatus from working. That got her thinking about what she could do as a career that would allow her the flexibility to be with her kids. She thought real estate could be a great opportunity, and the rest is history. 

Feel free to watch the full message above, or use these timestamps that will direct you to various points in the video:

0:07—Introduction to today’s topic

0:33—What Jeanne did before and what made her want to be in real estate

1:30—Jeanne didn’t begin as a real estate agent; she started in inside sales

2:15—What made her decide to become an agent

3:12—The biggest hurdle for Jeanne about moving from an ISA to an agent role

3:45—Why she stayed with Exit First Realty when she got her license

5:50—Why Jeanne left Exit First Realty and then came back

7:42—The things about Exit First Realty that truly helped her become successful

10:30—Jeanne’s plans for the next couple of years

11:35—Why Jeanne says agents should choose Exit First Realty

12:56—Wrapping up

If you have questions or want to speak to Jeanne for any reason, call her at (804) 317-6024 or email her at She would love to help you.