Check out these three strategies to help boost your business.

Real estate is a competitive and challenging business, and success is not always guaranteed. However, there are some proven methods that can help agents get more deals consistently. Here are three strategies that can boost your real estate business: 

1. Optimizing Google My Business. Google My Business is a relatively new tool, but agents who have taken the time to build their brand through Google have seen great results. By optimizing your Google My Business page, you can improve your search rankings and increase your chances of getting calls from serious buyers and sellers.

To optimize your Google My Business page, make sure you have all your information up-to-date and that you are consistently adding new reviews. Utilize postings to keep your Google page at the top of search results. The more detailed your Google My Business page is, the better you will show up in search results.

“Put out content on a regular basis.”

2. Geographic farming. Geographic farming is a long-term lead-generation strategy that can be an essential tool for every top-producing agent. The idea behind geographic farming is to choose a neighborhood where you have some experience, either because you live there or have sold homes there, and create value-driven content to send there monthly. Make sure to change up the method of communication, including mailings, pop-bys, and neighborhood events. By consistently delivering value to your neighborhood, you will increase your chances of being top of mind when it comes to their real estate needs.

3. Database communication. Your database consists of everyone you want to get business from, including past clients, buyer and seller leads, people you have talked to but haven’t done a transaction with, and your sphere of influence. Pushing regular content to your database about what’s going on in the real estate market can help you establish yourself as an expert. This content can be as simple as a newsletter or more advanced like a video or graphics. Cross-post your content by sending it out through email and then posting it on your social media.

You can boost your real estate business by implementing these three strategies. For help getting started or for more information, call or email us today. We’ll help you put together a plan for success. Then remember, it’s not the market…it’s the marketing that makes the difference!