With our coaching, you can and will make more money.

I speak with agents at other brokerages all the time who are making 100% commission but still aren’t where they want to be in their business. I like to pose a question to them: “Would you rather make 100% commission while closing an average of, say, 18 deals per year, or would it be better to make 80% to 90% while closing 24 to 36 deals a year?”

Here at Exit First Realty, our track record proves that agents who join our team and participate in our free weekly coaching sessions see a 50% to 100% increase in their volumes over the previous year. It’s so important to continually learn and grow so that you can increase the number of clients that you serve. Wouldn’t you rather have more satisfied clients who refer business to you?

Our coaching will also teach you how to turn your past clients into raving fans. It’s a lot better to have 36 clients who appreciate you and will send you referrals than having just 18 clients who might send you referrals. Our coaching teaches you how to have more reach, nurture your past clients, and leverage your business to the next level. 

By doing this, our Exit Realty agents also see another 25% to 50% increase in their business in their second year with our company. Our coaching is tailored to where you are in your business and where you want to go. We add additional coaching to ensure that you get to the next level. The more you know, the more you grow.

As I mentioned before, our coaching is free to all our agents. You’ll get real-life, street-smart strategies that you can implement in your business now to help you close more deals. Our coaches are active agents who are also working in their business and writing deals daily. We utilize real-world examples to give our agents a slight edge over their competition.

“Our coaching can help you close more deals, which means you make more money.”

Let’s run the numbers. The average sale price in Richmond, Virginia, is around $300,000, and the average commission rate is 3%—that’s $9,000 per deal. If you’re closing 15 deals a year with 100% take-home commission, you’re making a yearly gross commission of around $135,000. Not bad at all! But could it be better?

Now let’s look at what you could make at Exit Realty, where agents take home an average of 85% commission (though some make more, and some make less). Using the same $300,000 average sale price with a 3% commission rate, you’d make about $7,650 per deal. With our coaching, you can close 25 deals a year very easily, meaning your yearly gross commission would be $191,250. That’s over $56,000 more than you’re making right now. Even with the average 85% take-home commission, our coaching can help you close more deals, which means you make more money.

Once you become more successful, your numbers will go up even more. By closing 36 deals a year—only three deals each month—your yearly gross commission goes up to $250,000. That’s more than double what you might be making right now.

As you grow, you’re also likely to sell higher-priced homes, which means your commissions would be even higher. Exit Realty’s commission structure is set up so that your take-home commission actually increases to 90% when you reach a certain gross commission income.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Exit Realty’s coaching systems can help you close more deals, contact us today. You can even schedule a free business strategy call to run your specific business numbers and see how we can help you grow.