What’s the easiest way to get more leads? Don’t be a secret agent. 

To show you what I mean by that, let me tell you about how we do business at Exit First Realty.

We coach our agents on how to find and generate different leads every day. We start by creating awareness that you’re in the real estate business. It could be something like wearing name tags or sticking signs on your car. Even your social media account is tagged. We also teach you how to build a database and contact that database to make sure everyone in it knows about the services you provide. 

This might sound basic, but you’d be surprised how many experienced agents don’t do these things. We have a proven system, with dialogues, that can turn everyday conversations into business. 

After you establish this foundation, we help you with your lead generation methods. What are the best open house dialogues? How do you convert internet leads? What other internet lead sources can you use to generate more leads?

I’ve also had good luck with agents getting involved with an area of interest to themselves that they can network through the group. For example, we had an agent who was a horse-riding enthusiast join a horse-riding club. She got a lot of business from them, but it also helped the group in a variety of ways. She was able to volunteer and get business from like-minded people just by doing what she loved. 

“Don’t be a secret agent.”

The point is, you have to let everyone know you work in real estate. We coach because coaching should be ongoing, just like the martial arts belt display you see behind me in the video above. I’ve practiced martial arts for roughly 20 years, and I’ve realized that real estate training is often just like martial arts training: Just like the belt system, you have to learn what to do step by step. We’ve applied this system to our office. No matter what “belt level” you are as an agent, you’re required to help other people. The belts aren’t there to show off; they’re there to demonstrate how to work each day. 

If you have any other questions, feel free to call or email me. I’d love to speak with you.

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