Know how to build stronger client relationships despite industry changes.

Change is constant, but especially in the real estate industry. Recently, I’ve had coaching sessions with agent who have expressed concerns about the proposed changes from the NAR lawsuit. Amidst these upcoming developments, showing value to your clients is more important than ever.

Demonstrate value to your clients by initiating consultations or presentations highlighting your unique strengths. An initial face to face or Zoom meeting with clients is the best way to showcase what sets you apart from your competitors, and allows you to highlight the unique offerings you bring to the table. Use this time to connect with your clients on a deeper level to understand their motivation and use your skills to help achieve their real estate goals.

Effectively communicating your value and showing how working with you to reach their goals makes the client more confident in your ability to navigate the market, making them want to hire you.

“Demonstrate value to your clients by initiating consultations or presentations highlighting your unique strengths.”

At EXIT First Realty, we coach each of our agents on extensive buyer and listing presentations so they are equipped with the tools to show value to every prospective client they meet. Our team offers a clear, unique selling point that sets us apart from our competition. We believe that if you want to keep being successful through market changes, you need to stand out from the crowd.

One of our unique selling points is our Easy Exit Buyer and Seller Guarantee. If, for any reason, clients are not satisfied with our service, they have the freedom to cut ties with us without penalties or obligations. This is a testament to our commitment to client satisfaction. We want to make sure our clients are happy, which means we have to earn our business every day.

For more tips on how to create value-driven buyer and seller consultations, contact us today. Our coaches will work with you to figure out your unique selling position so you can earn more business - no matter how the industry changes. Remember - It’s Not the Market…It’s the Marketing That Makes the Difference!!