Implementing these five steps will help your business thrive this year.

Daily disciplined action is the most important thing to embrace in a changing real estate market. By embracing the “rule of five,” your business will grow in 2023. The rule of five was introduced by bestselling author and leadership coach, John Maxwell. It’s a series of activities you do every day that are fundamental to your business. For real estate, those actions may vary from agent to agent based on your personal goals, but for the average agent, here’s what I’d recommend: 

1. Create consistent lead flow. You should take action daily to generate new leads and build your pipeline for future business. Find a couple of strategies that work for you, whether that be phone prospecting, internet leads, expired listings, open houses, neighborhood farming, circle prospecting, or door knocking. You need to have new leads flowing in to ensure future business. 

2. Have a follow-up system. You need to make sure to stay in contact with past clients and your center of influence, so create a system to hold yourself accountable. The best way to get referrals from people who already know, like, and trust you is to stay top of mind.

“If you commit to doing these five activities daily, your business will grow.”

3. Have a system for finding more inventory. Whether you’re a buyer’s agent, a listing agent, or both, you should be taking action daily to find more inventory. Buyer demand is high and inventory is low. You need to find more homes. 

4. Set a goal for daily conversations. If you don’t have conversations about real estate, you won’t get conversions. You need to make opportunities to get in front of people and provide value. The more conversations you have, the more business you will find. 

5. Have a “next ten list”. Where are your next ten deals going to come from? Keep a list of the next ten people who will buy a home, sell one, or give you a referral. Make it a visual list that you can refer to every day. Then update your list as people move through the transaction process. 

If you commit to doing these five activities daily, your business will grow this year. If you’d like help implementing any of these activities or tracking your progress, contact me today for a free business strategy session. You can call or email me anytime. Also, remember—it’s not the market, it’s the marketing that makes the difference!