Discussing five ways you can improve your social media marketing.

With the focus on social media in today’s world, if you’re not elevating your online presence, you’ll miss out on business. However, some agents find social media intimidating and don’t know where to start. Today I’ll give you five tips on mastering social media marketing:

1. Just do it. Whether you have an existing page or you’re just starting out, be prepared to learn and adapt. Many agents have the idea that everything needs to be perfect before posting. In reality, they just need to start doing and make changes as needed. You should first decide what you want your audience to take away from your account, then create a theme for your social media brand. This will help you formulate ideas for content to create. 

2. Set boundaries. Most people will be interested in your personal life, not just your real estate business. Social media is most successful when your goal is to connect to people, not just sell to them, so include content about your family, hobbies, and interests. However, you need to think about your limits and what parts of your life you’re not comfortable sharing. Keep in mind that extreme opinions about any topic on your social media may alienate potential clients.

3. Strive to be authentic and consistent. Your photos and posts don’t have to be staged and perfect. Your audience will relate to you as a person. Don’t be afraid to share when you’re uncomfortable or nervous. Exposing those moments will make you engaging, and people will connect with you more. Consistency will help you maintain a presence and build trust. Find relatable things to post about at least three times a week.

“Your audience will relate to you as a person.”

4. Evaluate and repeat. Get comfortable asking and receiving feedback from your followers. No one expects you to get everything right from the start. Learn what your audience is connecting with, then repeat similar content to increase that connection. Pay attention to what time of day you’re getting the best engagement and try to post on that schedule.

5. Be a storyteller. Tell the story behind your photos and clients. This helps your audience resonate with the experience of buying or selling a home and what your business is like behind the scenes. Be proud of your accomplishments and share why they make your career worthwhile. This helps create that genuine connection that will make people want to work with you.

If you’d like to further discuss how to increase your social media presence, contact my team by phone or email for a free business strategy session. Our coaches will help you create a social media strategy that achieves your goals and boosts your business.