These seven tips will keep new business flowing into your pipeline.

I speak with agents every day who are having a tough time filling their pipeline with new clients in today’s shifting market. The key is to get back to the basics. Here are seven lead-generation methods that agents should use to keep their business flowing: 

1. Farming. One of the best long-term lead flow sources is the neighborhood farm. Pick a familiar neighborhood with decent turnover and a good price point. Make yourself the real estate expert for that area so that people who want to sell or buy call you first. 

2. Online leads. The fact is that the majority of buyers and sellers start online. Some of your business has to come from online sources. Do your research to find which works best for you because online sources can help you fill your pipeline with long-term buyers, ensuring future business. 

3. Referrals. These can come from many sources. You need to set up an action plan to get referrals from past clients, your center of influence, and networking partners like business owners, contractors, lending partners, etc.

4. Expired listings. These are starting to come back, and they are homeowners who have already said that they want to sell. Set yourself apart from other agents and be creative in your approach to those leads.

“Lead-generation methods agents should use to keep their business flowing.”

5. Circle prospecting. You’re missing out on opportunities if you’re not prospecting the areas where you’re selling homes. Both buyers agents and listing agents can circle prospect. Pick 20 to 50 homes around your recent sale and tell them about it. See if they want to know about market trends in their neighborhood—if one house sells, other owners may start thinking about selling too.

6. For sale by owner (FSBO) properties. Like expired listings, FSBO leads are coming back. The frenzied market of recent years meant that owners could sell independently. Now that things are starting to cool off, sellers will need an experienced agent to help them get the best deal. You have to set yourself apart from other agents and put in extra effort to win those clients. 

7. Agent referrals. Connect with agents in other areas that are in feeder markets for you, which are areas where prospective buyers are looking to relocate from or move to your community. There are agent referral groups on social media and online, and you can connect with many different agents when you attend conferences and training sessions.

These are just some of the lead-generation ideas that agents can use in a shifting market. If you’d like to discuss how to implement action plans for any of these sources, or how to create a constantly filled pipeline for future business, call or email my team and I today. Our coaches will work with you to create a strategy and keep you moving forward. Remember: It’s Not the Market…it’s the Marketing That Makes the Difference!