Here are three tasks you can do to boost your motivation and get unstuck.


Do you have a problem with consistent lead generation? If so, I have a solution to help you get unstuck. I recently had a strategy call with an agent. She told me her biggest problem was the lack of consistent lead generation. I see this all the time with agents, especially in this market. You see agents get busy and they struggle to keep up their daily prospecting habits. 

Speaking with this particular agent, I learned that she connects with people quickly and easily builds trust. She got into real estate because she loves her kids and wants to add extra income for her family, but she doesn’t like prospecting. I asked her about her goals. She said that she wants to sell 25 homes a year. That’s an awesome goal and very attainable with the right systems and coaching, but there’s a disconnect. She’s been an agent for over 10 years and she has consistently sold only two to four homes per year.

When asked why she’s only selling two to four homes per year, she gets frustrated and says she doesn’t know why. She understands the business and she knows what to do, she just always ends up stuck at that level of business. My best guess is that’s her comfort level of income, and that drives her activities. Even though she wants to earn more, her internal voice says to wait and slow down. She is unconsciously holding herself back from pushing forward to her goals. I came up with a solution that may help her and anyone else who’s in a similar situation.

“These three tasks can help you start focusing on why you want to reach your goals.”

We have to think about our brain and our habits like a computer hard drive that holds all the data. When the hard drive is new, it’s smooth and blank. As information is gathered, it’s grooved onto the disk. If you want to put new information on the disk, you can’t erase the old material. You have to write new data on top of the old by scratching a new groove. Write over the old thoughts that are holding you back with these three tips.

1. Put a picture of your “why” on your desk or work area. My colleague’s kids are her “why.” She needs to see them every day to know what she’s working for.

2. Create a “why” income sheet. Take a piece of paper and write your income and goal at the top. Make a long list of reasons why you want this money, what it will do for your family, and how your life will change. Let your thoughts flow freely to help rewrite your hard drive.

3. Create a vision board. Get a giant poster board and fill it with pictures of things you want to attain. Get your family involved. They should help you with your vision for the future. Keep the board in a place where you’ll see it every day.

Give yourself a deadline to complete each step and have a partner who can hold you accountable for keeping your deadline. This will not solve your problem overnight, but it is a step in the right direction. These three tasks can help you rewrite your hard drive to start focusing on why you want to reach your goals.

If you’re feeling stuck, contact me for a free “unstuck” call and business strategy session. I will help you rewrite your hard drive and keep you accountable. I look forward to boosting your success.