Here are five ways to generate more leads for your business.

Several agents I coach have recently asked me for ideas to generate seller leads in order to find more listings. I shared with them the five creative strategies that have worked for me and my team to fill our pipeline with potential seller clients, and today I’ll pass them along to you as well:

1. Establish connections in local Facebook groups. Join as many local Facebook groups as you can—groups for hobbies you and your family enjoy, as well as groups for buying, selling, and trading. Position yourself as a real estate resource and educator, not a salesperson. Look for neighborhood communities or pages like “Moving to Richmond, VA” or “New to Bon Air, Virginia,” for example.

2. Keep in touch with past clients. You need to be a real estate educator and inform your past clients about their current home value. Keep them in the loop about any market changes so that they know to work with you when they’re ready to sell and/or refer friends and family to you.

3. Build local partnerships and create a “preferred vendor” list. You know the phrase, “It’s all about who you know”? Well, when it comes to listings in particular, it’s especially true. Establish relationships with local restaurants, small businesses, non-profits, law offices, contractors, etc. Create a network where you all bring business to each other and strengthen that bond.

“Position yourself as a real estate resource and educator, not a salesperson.”

4. Leverage opportunities in your local hangouts. This goes hand-in-hand with No. 3, but it’s more specific to local stores and restaurants. Is there a certain coffee shop that you visit every morning or a restaurant that you and your family frequent? Promote and tag them on social media when you visit. Make sure to introduce yourself to the staff and be friendly. More importantly, let them know that you’re a local real estate expert. These connections will come back around when the owners and staff hear of someone looking to sell their home.

5. Feature testimonials from happy clients. Post reviews everywhere you can, and make sure that your search engine, social media, and Zillow profiles are up to date with business information. You’d be shocked to learn how many agents that I’ve coached haven’t updated any of that information in a very long time. Then, post reviews from your clients on social media and make sure they’re highlighted on your business websites. Consider adding a step in your transaction process to ask for reviews on these sites, and try offering a free T-shirt with your logo or a gift card as an incentive for your clients to leave a review.

If you’d like to discuss more specific ideas of how to find more listings for your business, contact us for a free strategy call. Our coaches will listen to your needs and help you take your business to the next level.