Here are eight skills every great real estate agent needs to master.


We all know the past year has been a challenging time in the real estate market. Through my time coaching agents, I’ve identified eight specific skills that agents must master in order to maintain success in any type of market:

1. Laser focus. You have to be proactive and focus on conquering one thing at a time.

2. Intense market knowledge. You need to memorize those important market stats and be able to share them with others confidently.

3. Extreme urgency. In this fast-paced market, you have to have that urgency every moment of the day to help your clients win.

4. High Organization. You need to structure your day, stick to your calendar, and use technology to help you stay on track.

“Agents need to be the calm voice of reason in a transaction.”

5. Negotiations and problem solving. You have to be the best possible advocate for your clients and problem solve based on your past experiences.

6. Honesty. This one should go without saying, but you’d be surprised at the dishonesty we see. Make sure you’re an agent who provides true, accurate, and unbiased information to your client.

7. Emotional intelligence. It’s a very busy time and agents are losing their cool. We need to stay calm and be the voice of reason, as well as the source of the information.

8. Leadership. Be professional for your clients. Don’t take anything personally, and give perspective to edge out the competition.

If you have any questions about these eight skills or anything else related to the real estate business, don’t hesitate to reach out via phone or email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.